E-Discovery, Social Media Wrinkles and New Developments


The National CLE Conference® has a history of offering an outstanding Labor & Employment program. The 2012 program is no exception. Among the highlights for this years’ program is a panel presentation by Douglas E. DexterLauren Schwartzreich, and the Honorable Michael J. Watanabe discussing E-Discovery, Social Media Wrinkles and New Developments.

This panel will provide tips and discuss practical solutions for preservation, discovery, and use of social media evidence in employment litigation.  Topics include identification, investigation, preservation and collection of social media; requesting and producing social media; and authentication of social media for admission into evidence.  The panelists will address common litigation disputes involving social media and persuasive arguments to make before a court.   The panelists will also provide an update on electronic discovery case law and judicial expectations about e-discovery compliance.

The Honorable Elizabeth O’ Neill LaStaiti Discusses The Scourge of Drugs in Family Court


Substance abuse has become a pervasive issue in family law.  The great majority of all contested custody and visitation litigation involve allegations of substance abuse by one or both parents.

Judge Elizabeth LaStaiti and Atty. Lynn Whitney will offer practical advice as to how this difficult subject might be addressed both in the courtroom and in the practice.  They will offer their views as to what is effective and what is fruitless.  The presentation will encourage discussion and participation by those in attendance.

Elizabeth O’ Neill LaStaiti retired in July 2011 as the First Justice of the Bristol County Probate and Family Court in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  As First Judge, she was the Administrative Head of the Court. She served as a judge for twenty-three years, having been appointed by Gov. Michael Dukakis in l988.
Judge LaStaiti has a history of service to her profession through the Massachusetts, Bristol and New Bedford Bar Associations as well as the Massachusetts Judges Conference. In partnership with the the US State Department, the Mass. Judges Conference and the Russian American Rule of Law Committee she worked to develop and promote the Rule of Law in Russia, (2009, 2006), Macedonia, (2004), China, (2001 and 2003), Mongolia, (2003), and Romania, (2000).  She served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Southern New England School of Law, which became the University of MA School of Law at UMD in 2010.  She also served as a Director of Southeastern Mass. Legal Assistance Corporation.
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Cindy Ehnes Joins Panel to Discuss Prospects for Specialty Medical Centers


The 29th Annual National CLE Conference® would like to thank and recognize Cindy Ehnes as returning faculty in the Health Care program for 2012.


Lucinda “Cindy” Ehnes is President and CEO of the California Children’s Hospital Association, a network of eight regional Children’s Hospitals that play a vital role in meeting the complex and critical healthcare needs for all California children.  Ms. Ehnes brings a background of expertise in public policy, law, advocacy, and state government to the position and is licensed to practice law in both California and Colorado. She served from 2004-2011 as Director of the California Department of Managed Health Care, where she oversaw health insurance services for 21 million Californians receiving health care through 108 health plans and 200 medical groups.

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Prospects for Academic and Specialty Medical Centers


Join Almeta E. CooperCindy Ehnes, and Nate Gilmer as they explore the challenges faced by the health care system generally – high costs, lack of care coordination, low-reimbursement, and patient safety and quality of care issues – that are heightened in academic and specialty care hospitals, including children’s hospitals. The multiple forces that will intersect over the next decade – ranging from beneficial but expensive advances in medical technology; declining government resources; to the potentially transformative impact of federal and state health reform, including the impact of health insurance exchanges on squeezing premium costs and fostering narrow networks – must be met with highly innovative strategies discussed by these experts.

Almeta E. Cooper
The Ohio State University Medical Center – Columbus, OH

Cindy Ehnes
California Children’s Hospital Association – Sacramento, CA

Nate Gilmer
Vanderbilt University Medical Center – Nashville, TN

A Dialogue Between Bench & Bar


The 29th Annual National CLE Conference® continues the tradition of offering world-class intellectual property programs presented by some of the brightest minds in the industry. The 2012 intellectual property agenda was just released and it is going to be another great year.

Among the highlights is a panel discussion between The Honorable Kimberly A. Moore and Morgan Chu, Donald (Don) Dunner, Thomas G. Hungar and Professor John M. Whealan. The panel will feature a discussion surrounding cutting edge issues in patent law.


The Honorable Kimberly A. Moore
Circuit Judge
United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Washington, DC

Morgan Chu
Irell & Manella LLP
Los Angeles, CA

Donald (Don) Dunner
Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP
Washington, DC

Thomas G. Hungar
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
Former Deputy Solicitor General of the United States
Washington, DC

Professor John M. Whealan
Associate Dean for Intellectual Property Law
George Washington University Law School
Former Solicitor, US Patent and Trademark Office
Washington, DC

Honorable Louis M. Phillips Discusses Latest Developments in Bankruptcy Law

We are pleased to announce that the Honorable Louis M. Phillips will be presenting at the 29th Annual National CLE Conference®. He will be joined by Neil C. Gordon, Ronald R. Peterson and Claire Ann Resop in a discussion about the latest developments in Bankruptcy Law.


Read on for Judge Phillips’ extensive bio.

Louis M. Phillips
Gordon, Arata, McCollam, Duplantis & Eagan, L.L.P.
One American Place
301 Main Street, Suite 1600
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801-1916
Phone: (225) 381-9643
Fax No.: (225) 336-9763
E-mail: lphillips@gordonarata.com

Louis M. Phillips is a partner in the law firm Gordon, Arata, McCollam, Duplantis & Eagan, L.L.P., where he is the leader of the firm’s Insolvency and Bankruptcy Practice Group.  He provides legal representation and consultation for debtors, creditors, and trustees over a broad practice area, including transaction and business structuring and restructuring, bankruptcy reorganization, property sales, asset financing, and bankruptcy and commercial litigation.
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The Lawsuit Seesaw: US Discrimination vs. European Unfair Dismissal

The Lawsuit Seesaw: US Discrimination vs. European Unfair Dismissal

Before and during the 20th Century, the United States adopted and enshrined laws that provide very little job security for US employees, particularly the employment-at-will doctrine. During the same period, many countries of the European Union adopted and enshrined laws that provide substantial job security for European employees, including unfair dismissal laws and notice/severance rights. Meanwhile, during the last 50 years, both US and EU jurisdictions have enacted many statutes that prohibit discrimination on the basis of a wide variety of protected statuses. In addition, litigation procedures have developed in very different ways in the US and in EU countries (e.g., forums, juries, discovery, burdens of proof, recoverable damages).

The panel will describe these different patterns of evolution and the reasons behind them, will summarize current laws and practices in the certain jurisdictions, and will address how these differences affect how employers and employees (and their counsel) deal with each other – especially in the context of actual or threatened litigation.

Join Wayne N. Outten and Dr. Gerlind Wisskirchen as they discuss this topic on Friday, January 6 as part of the Labor & Employment track at the National CLE Conference.

Outten & Golden LLP
New York, NY

CMS Hasche Sigle
Cologne, Germany